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Anesthesia in Obesity Masterclass

By March 27, 2023July 8th, 2023No Comments

The Academy brings together the leading experts in advanced anesthesiology to provide the pearls of management in obese patients

The Academy
of Surgical Innovation

In partnership with Medtronic, launched a series of Masterclasses intended to instruct medical professionals the key aspects of practice not covered during traditional medical training

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Marusa Naranjo, MD; lecturing on advanced neurological monitoring for patients under anesthesia.

Medtronic and The Academy: committed with elevating the standard of medical practice in Latin America.

Through a concerted effort between the ASI and Medtronic, over 30 anesthesiologists from all over the continent have gathered at the Academy to immerse themselves into the daily practice of one of the most successful bariatric tourism destinations in the world.
Over two days, attendees participated in lectures, roundtable discussions and workshops delivered by industry experts on topics ranging from advanced airway devices, difficult airway assessment and management, emergency procedures, neurological monitoring and more.
“It is an excellent opportunity for anesthesiologists who are participating in the booming sector of bariatric surgery, as patients living with excess weight and obesity have key differences in their metabolism and physiology that can pose a challenge to those who are unacquainted” – said Dr. Hector Acosta, Chair of Anesthesia at the International Institute of Metabolic Medicine.