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Anesthesia in Obesity Masterclass

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Learn from Our Expert Faculty

Obesity poses a distinct challenge for the anesthesiologist, the purpose of our course is to offer the insights of our expert faculty with over two decades of experience managing overweight and obese patients. In the context of healthcare tourism and ambulatory bariatric surgery centers, the stakes are even higher, as an excellent standard of care must be maintained while performing at peak efficiency in order to streamline the workflow across departments in order to deliver quality care while managing a tight OR schedule. Our masterclass will prepare anyone, from individual professionals to departments and even large organizations to smoothly assess, care for and discharge overweight and obese patients in an ambulatory center while maintaining an excellent track record for safety. Lectures covering logistics, difficult airway management, key aspects of ventilator management and pharmacology as well as team-based scenarios with human patient simulators will be offered for a complete and immersive experience.

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